Welcome to Katch

Katch now has an app you can use on your mobile device to book your trip in advance or when out and about. Search ‘Flexiroute Passenger App’ in your app store.

Or, you can

  • book online at https://login.flexiroute.net/;
  • book under the “Book a Journey” tab above;
  • email a booking request to katch@cats-paws.co.uk; or
  • ring the booking line on 01728 635 939 (Monday to Friday 8.30am-4.30pm)

Payment can be made by card or cash on the bus.

How it works

Book using the Flexiroute Passenger App ; email a booking request to katch@cats-paws.co.uk

or call us Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm on 01728 635 939

Katch collects you from your chosen stop at your chosen time.

And brings you back when you choose. Simple.

Book a journey

Except for passengers using the app, bookings will only be processed during office hours (Monday – Friday  8.30am – 4.30pm). If you cancel your booking within 24 hours of the time of travel, you will be charged the full fare.

  • Book using the Flexiroute Passenger App
  • complete an online booking under “Book a Journey” tab above
  • email a booking request to katch@cats-paws.co.uk
  • or call us Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm on 01728 635 939

Payment can be made by card or cash on the bus.

Why use Katch


Book a specific time and stop that works for you. No waiting around.


Katch only stops where it’s booked, so journey times are much quicker.


Katch reduces your carbon footprint with every trip.


In-line with standard bus services. Much cheaper than a taxi. Discounts for young people using Endeavour Cards + FREE journeys with a Katch loyalty card!

ParhamGarnet GardensHacheston Easton LaneHacheston adj village hallWickham Market SquareYew TreeSpring Street Wickham Market Railway Station & Campsea AsheTunstallSnape MaltingsSnape CrownSnape GlebesSnape Church
Adj Fulchers Field£2.75£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.95£3.95£3.95£3.95£5.40£6.30£6.30£6.30£5.70
Adj Pembroke Road£2.75£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.95£3.95£3.95£3.95£5.40£6.30£6.30£6.30£5.70
Adj White Horse£2.75£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.95£3.95£3.95£3.95£5.40£6.30£6.30£5.70£5.70
Adj Bridge Street£2.75£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.95£3.95£3.95£3.95£5.40£6.30£6.30£5.70£5.70
Mills Meadow£2.75£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.95£3.95£3.95£3.95£5.40£6.30£6.30£5.70£5.70
Adj The Railway Pub£2.75£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.95£3.95£3.95£3.95£5.40£6.30£5.70£5.70£5.70
Adj Station Hotel£2.75£2.75£3.20£3.20£3.95£3.95£3.95£3.95£5.40£6.30£5.70£5.70£5.70
Adj Technology Centre£2.75£2.75£3.20£3.20£3.95£3.95£3.95£3.95£5.40£6.30£5.70£5.70£5.70
Opp Bus Shelter£2.75£2.75£2.75£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.95£4.85£4.85£5.40£5.40
Willbough Close£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£3.20£3.95£4.85£4.85£5.40£5.40
Garnet Gardens£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£3.20£3.20£4.85£3.95£4.85£4.85
The Street£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£3.20£3.95£4.85£4.85£4.85
Adj The village Hall£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£3.20£3.95£4.85£4.85£3.95
Wickham Market
Adj Spring Street£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£3.20£4.85£4.85£4.85£4.85
Adj Yew Tree£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75 £2.75 £2.75 £3.20£4.85£4.85£4.85£4.85
Market Square£2.75£2.75 £2.75 £2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75£3.20£4.85£4.85£4.85£4.85
Campsea Ashe
Wickham Market Railway Station£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.20£2.75£3.95£3.95£3.95£3.95
Green Man£3.95£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.20£3.20£2.75£2.75£3.20£3.20£3.20
The Maltings£4.85£3.95£3.95£3.95£4.85£4.85£3.95£3.95£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75
The Crown£4.85£4.85£4.85£4.85£4.85£4.85£4.85£3.95£2.75£2.75£2.75£2.75
The Glebes£4.85£4.85£4.85£4.85£5.40£4.85£4.85£3.95£3.20£2.75£2.75£2.75
The Church£3.95£4.85£4.85£4.85£4.85£4.85£4.85£3.95£3.20£2.75£2.75£2.75


Download map (PDF 1.2MB)


Phone booking line open

Monday – Friday  8.30am – 4.30pm
Outside of these hours, journeys can be booked through the App. Alternatively, you can email a booking request up to 2 weeks in advance to katch@cats-paws.co.uk or click the “Book a Journey” tab above to book online. (NB email and online bookings will only be processed during office hours)

Katch operating times

Monday – Friday   7.30am – 6.30pm

Saturday                 10.00am – 6.30pm

Bank Holidays       10.00am – 6.00pm (except for Xmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day)


Katch is working in partnership with: